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Nowadays, many people suffer from obesity and from the resulting health and psychological problems.

The topic of eating disorders is also extremely widespread.

The image of a beautiful body is already very distorted in people’s minds. In the media we see flawlessly thin and beautiful bodies. We just forget that most of these pictures do not show real people. We are being manipulated and believe that only if we look like this we are lovable and desirable. We then try to conform to this ideal and enter the nutritional folly or start exercising excessively.

Nobody teaches us to be at peace with our bodies. To respect and care for it. It should be our best friend. After all, we are together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We only get separated from it by death. We should begin to see our uniqueness and very personal beauty and to treat ourselves with love and understanding.

In the initial weight loss consultation, I investigate the cause of the obesity or the eating disorder.

And then we start working.

Together we will determine your goal and I will establish the nutrition and treatment plan. The treatment plan primarily consists of self-treatment methods to create a new image of the desired body. You will also learn new and healthy beliefs and behaviours. The patient learns to let go of emotions and to make peace with him or herself and his/her body. After reaching the target weight it is important to learn to embrace a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the target weight and to lead a happy and balanced life.