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The membership includes: 

If you are a member on my homepage:

  •  you have access to my 2 times a year - each time before Easter and in September/October - conducted Des-intoxication Weeks. You can then download the detox plan and - for 6 weeks - do a dis-intoxication cure guided by me and throw off a lot of ballast, together with like-minded people. If 6 weeks is too long for you, you can also choose your own period. During this time I am available for questions and support.
  • Monthly - at the new moon - I will record a guided meditation via video, which you can then work with for 1 moon cycle to raise your body and your health to the next level. All meditations then stay in the media library so you can access them again and again.
  • Each week you will receive one of my favorite recipes to try out
  • Every day I activate a light language grid for all members (This is a light language code with a specific intention e.g. peace, which works simply, gently and quickly for your very highest good in your energy field throughout the day and clears up to 80% of the used and unhealthy elements and makes them ineffective)

The membership fee per month is 9,00 € and is due once as an annual fee of 108,00 € at the beginning of the membership year. If the membership is not cancelled one month before the end of the membership year, it will automatically continue for 1 year.

In case of spouses, the 2nd person pays only 50% of the membership fee.

The Language Grid will only be activated for those persons who are registered as members in writing.

Here you can sign up for your membership now: Patient Portal - Registration