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Ines Cordelia Jung
Ines Cordelia Jung

My name is Ines Cordelia Jung. I was born in Brandenburg an der Havel in Germany.

The different areas of medicine, psychology, quantum physics and personality development have always fascinated me.

On my life’s journey I have encountered a great many challenges and I have always seen and used them as opportunities for growth.

Everything I offer my patients has been my personal lifestyle for many years. So I am speaking from my own experience.

I am certified as:
  • ​naturopath
  • preventologist
  • nutritional advisor
  • mesotherapist
  • hypnotherapist
  • therapist using Bach flowers
  • producer of plant-based mother tinctures and homeopathic remedies
  • therapist using release procedures
  • therapist using sleep diagnostics
  • therapist using iris diagnostics
  • therapist using dark field diagnostics
  • emotional balancer
  • meditation trainer
  • Akasha Chronicle reader
  • .... to name just a few