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  • Do you feel tired, exhausted, resigned, without drive?
  • Do you feel physical symptoms or are you currently in a recovery and/or regeneration phase?
  • Do you just want to get a boost of energy and really recharge your batteries?

Then let yourself be filled up with fresh life energy, called ELISE. ELISE is a new healing frequency that has come to us from high cosmic realms for the new times.

ELISE energy is the life energy that Chinese medicine calls the "prenatal chi" (chi = life energy).

The ELISE energy could not be replenished until now (in the old energy). When it was exhausted, life in the physical body came to an end. This has changed in modern times.

ELISE can now be replenished through healing channels activated by Angel Nathaniel.

An ELISE MILA treatment strengthens the life force, awakens the joy of life and gives a very deep inner peace through the connection to your origin.

By the way: In 1810, Beethoven named the piano piece "Für ELISE" (For ELISE) because the spiritual world transmitted the tone sequence of the ELISE energy to him. He wrote it "for the life energy" and not for a woman named Elise.

ELISE - the new Reiki?

Yes, because...

  • Both energies originate from the golden spectrum of light
  • They are both called healing and life energy by the angels
  • They are experienced as directly effective in their own way

No, because....

  • Reiki was brought to earth in its time when ELISE was not yet meant for humanity - this has changed since 2007.
  • Unlike Reiki, with ELISE the energy system switches to automatic self-sufficiency after about 9 ELISE treatments.
  • unlike Reiki, ELISE also works in the light body for a permanent reconnection.
  • The ELISE energy is an energy of the modern age and is completely adapted to the new, changed chakra system.
  • The ELISE energy ignites the original life in you and thus also brings about renewal, rejuvenation and realignment of the cells.
  • Reiki represents the post-natal chi, while ELISE is the pre-natal chi.

In traditional Chinese medicine TCM, these two chi (life energy types) are distinguished. It is assumed in TCM that the organism is fed by two central energies: the postnatal and the prenatal chi.

The postnatal chi is the life energy that a person can absorb from the environment through their own energy system. This can be, for example, through food, joy of life, loving relationships, nature, etc. In addition, it can now of course also be absorbed through e.g. Reiki energy treatments.

The prenatal Chi (ELISE), on the other hand, is the original basis of life. It also stands for rejuvenation, regeneration and being completely whole. It is what a human being brings with him at birth and which could not be replenished until now.

Life span and quality of life depend on the (remaining) availability. When you come into contact with ELISE, it means a YES to original life. ELISE stimulates body and soul to heal itself more strongly.

The ELISE treatment can also be transmitted online.

The energy compensation for an ELISE treatment is 50,00 €.

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