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Akashic Records

It is often very difficult for us to imagine something that we cannot touch, see with the naked eye, smell, taste or feel, using the 5 senses with which we have experienced and got to know our world.

In my own words, the Akashic Records are a huge library existing in the quantum field, in which all records of everything that happens or ever happened in the context of time and space are available and accessible, regardless of religion or spiritual affiliation.

I like to use a very simple example for my patients. Imagine you have a book: a novel, a thriller or even a textbook. This book has already been written. To understand it, you have to read page by page to fully grasp the story or subject matter. Sometimes it is necessary to look up a chapter or a few more, for instance if we are missing the context or if we have forgotten something that is necessary for an understanding of the chapter in question (of life).

It is the same with the Akashic Records. If you have problems in your partnership/marriage for instance, if you have professional or financial problems or inexplicable fears, reading the Akashic Records can help to place things into the now-consciousness and thus offer the possibility of healing so that you can live the life you wish.

We can consult the Akashic Records on almost all areas of life in which you are “stuck” or, like my example of the 4 wheels, if the tyre of your soul wheel is flat or has a crack.

I love this work because it is always filled with love and brings light into the dark. This allows healing to occur. Are you ready?

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