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By a healthy lifestyle I don't just mean having a healthy, beautiful and youthful body.

To my mind a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond that.

Here I come back to my slogan again - health is like driving a car with four wheels - to have a healthy body, healthy emotions, healthy thoughts and a happy soul in me.

For me it is a decision and moving towards it. In other words, a process. I need the clear decision to take the steps and make the changes needed for this. If the 4 wheels of my car, or maybe even only 2, have flat tires I can't change them at the same time. I only have 2 hands. So I'll change one at a time after determining which one is deflated.

But when I have expert help, it will definitely be faster. And I can get back on the road (my life’s journey) and move safely and joyfully towards my goal.

Most of my patients who come with the desire to learn a healthy lifestyle are aware that there is more to it than just a healthy diet. They come already with the attitude that they are embarking upon a process of learning, trying out, experiencing and letting go.

They are full of happy expectations. I think that's great.

When we are completely honest with ourselves, it's time to become and be master of the best case scenario. Let us expect the best in our lives and step out of the old shoes - always expect the worst, then you cannot get disappointed.

In this regard Edgar Cayce wrote:  “Those who do not expect anything, will not be disappointed. But those who expect a lot and work and live with this day after day, will be full and overflow.”